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The Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) have issued details on Safe Management Measures required of businesses allowed to resume operations. Businesses must:
  • Implement a system of Safe Management Measures at workplaces;
  • Reduce physical interaction and ensure safe distancing at workplaces;
  • Support contact tracing requirements;
  • Require employees to wear personal protective equipment where needed, and observe good personal hygiene;
  • Ensure cleanliness of workplace premises;
  • Implement health checks and protocols to manage potential cases.

Please ensure the necessary Safe Management Measures are communicated and explained to employees prior to the resumption of work. Please also put up signs to remind employees and visitors to observe all measures in place.

If these Safe Management Measures are not well implemented, tighter measures that affect our economy and livelihoods will have to be reintroduced. The Government will take action against errant businesses, including the cessation of operations and enforcement.

Implementation of SafeEntry

Alongside measures to reduce the risk of transmission in daily interactions and activities, we need to continue to strengthen our contact tracing regime through the use of technology.

Businesses and services that are in operation must come on board SafeEntry (https://www.ndi-api.gov.sg/safeentry) to log the check-in of employees and visitors. As a start, deployment will be made mandatory for places where individuals are likely to be in close proximity for prolonged periods or in enclosed spaces, or where there is higher traffic. The list of facilities/places where SafeEntry must be deployed from 12 May 2020 can be found here (https://www.safeentry.gov.sg/deployment), and will updated as more activities and services resume.

Helpful links:

COVID-19 updates for businesses – www.enterprisesg.gov.sg/covid-19

Safe Management Measures for general workplace settings – https://www.mom.gov.sg/covid-19/requirements-for-safe-management-measures

Safe Management Measures for specific workplace settings – https://www.mom.gov.sg/-/media/mom/documents/covid-19/annex-a-safe-management-measures.pdf

Checklist of Safe Management Measures at the Workplace for Resumption of Business Activities – https://www.mom.gov.sg/-/media/mom/documents/covid-19/annex-c-checklist-of-safe-management-measures.pdf

FAQs – https://www.mom.gov.sg/covid-19/frequently-asked-questions?fbclid=IwAR03hykEVrCUXgn_EsDOyuv1CIto9V7Ov7YDqCY3FU27Vks_uaZCBW3Ksho#safe-management-measures-at-the-workplace-after-circuit-breaker-period