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COVID-19 has altered the mindsets of consumers and businesses worldwide and accelerated the pace of digital adoption. As companies continue to forge a path to recovery and growth post pandemic disruptions, many are looking to digitise their operations for greater liquidity and to pursue new income streams.

Join us for a three-part conversation with industry leaders and regulators as they discuss opportunities and digitisation trends in ASEAN.

November 10: Powering Retail and Transportation Sectors

E-commerce has been transforming retail and transportation businesses for the past 30 years and has dramatically intensified its transformation recently. How has digitisation impacted businesses and treasury from a risk and liquidity management perspective?


Noni Purnomo, President Director, Bluebird Group, Indonesia
David Wijeratne, Growth Markets Partner, PwC Singapore
Jessica Fon, Executive Director, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank
Khairuan Abdul Rahman, Director of Retail Payment Services, PayNet Malaysia

November 11: Reshaping Healthcare & Insurance Sectors

The adoption of technology enablers like cloud computing, AI, and data analytics has occurred rapidly on account of the pandemic, impacting the healthcare and insurance sectors. How has these technologies advanced product development and customer experience? What does the future ecosystem look like?


Chris Wei, Executive Chairman, Aviva Asia
Winston Nesfield, Partner, PwC Strategy & Singapore
Peter Wong, Executive Director, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank

November 12: Advancing Education and Telecom Sectors

The way we communicate has changed profoundly within a short span of time. In less than 30 years, we’ve moved from phone calls and letters to email, instant messages, video chats and virtual reality. What’s next for the education and telecommunications industry? How do businesses use digital transformation to their advantage in today’s new world order and be future ready?


Naresh Alagan, Co-founder, XRND, Malaysia
Rob Sewell, Chief Digital & Transformation Officer, Maxis, Malaysia
Tristan Hockley, Partner, SEA Education Practice Lead, PwC
Satish Rajaraman, Executive Director, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank