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In the digital era, the need for technology is critical. StoryBuddy emerges as a digital platform to help people speak their mind in their daily life, whether it’s for working or other purposes. StoryBuddy feels confident that with the vision to empower people to tell their stories through technology, StoryBuddy’s mission to help people to find their unique voices will be accomplished.

StoryBuddy aims to create better communication between people, especially for those who are afraid to speak up and afraid of making mistakes. With StoryBuddy, people learn to understand others’ points of view and to make themselves better social humans.
StoryBuddy wants to fill what is missing in the market, which are communication gap, time gap, and an inspirational gap that can give a negative impact on people as human beings, especially mental wellbeing.

Founded just recently this year [2021], StoryBuddy has introduced Kob-i as the friend that represents a loyal buddy for everyone who needs help on the journey of self-discovery, discovering their writing style, personal brand, voice and inner feelings. Kob-i is an expert in generating ideas, creating short and long form content, learning each individual’s preferences and style of writing. There are 19 countries that have met Kob-i and are still counting.

Sam Neo, the founder, is a passionate individual and expert in community building, out-of-the-box thinking, and storytelling with a unique approach to branding, marketing, and media. With his background, StoryBuddy is set to be a combination of a content generator and learning tool that can help people effectively in any kind of writing needs.

Sign up for StoryBuddy now and be a pro storyteller today!