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Atma Global is an award-winning developer and publisher of innovative global learning solutions focusing on countries, cultures, and global business topics for the corporate, travel, and education markets. 


The firm’s award-winning digital subscription service, Atma Insights enables global users to access proprietary business learning videos.

Atma Insights videos:

  • explore the nuances of doing business in diverse countries 
  • provide insight on how to enter new markets and develop business relationships 
  • review how local cultures, values, practices, and mindsets impact in-country business interactions 
  • explain how to interact and communicate effectively with people from different cultures 
  • review the nuances of doing business, managing, and negotiating in countries around the world 
  • highlight key global business topics, such as globalization, global business ethics, and digital currency and more 
  • provide the same learning content as in-person cross-cultural trainings 
  • are created by our teams of seasoned business and country subject-matter experts 

Atma Insights help global professionals conduct business across borders successfully! Avoid missteps to position yourself for success!